About Us

Indulge your pet in a spa-like experience with Petzzco’s dedicated Pet Grooming Services, where our skilled groomers cater to every detail, leaving your beloved companion refreshed, happy, and impeccably groomed.


At Petzzco, love for paws and purrs knows no bounds

We believe every paw print leaves an indelible mark on our hearts. That’s why we created Petzzco, a haven where the love for our furry (or feathered, or scaled!) friends blossoms. We’re not just a store, not just an app, not just a service – we’re a family.

Think of us as your virtual pet concierge, always at your beck and call. Need a top-notch groomer who speaks your dog’s language? We have them. A reliable walker to keep your pup’s tail wagging? We know just the one. Worried about your cat’s next checkup? Our vets are just a click away.

Imagine a world where

Petzzco isn’t just a platform, it’s a haven. Our 20,000-strong app community pulsates with love, tips, and shared joy. Store your pet’s vital documents safely, access valuable resources, and build a support network that understands the unconditional bond you share.

Join us, and let's create a world where every wag, every purr, and every lick is met with unwavering love and endless possibilities.

Welcome to Petzzco. Welcome to a world where your pet's happiness is our paw-ssion.