Currently, our Application doesn’t support rescheduling the appointment. We are coming up with the feature soon.

We recommend getting the first grooming session for your pet after it reaches six months of age. We advise you to consult a Vet. A Vet appointment can be booked on our app without any hassle.

It depends on the type of service. Some boarders and walkers onboarded with us provide a pick-and-drop facility. You may also take advantage of home groomers and groomers-on-wheels while opting for a grooming session for your pet.

You can choose any  NGO of your liking from the Petzzco App. Select the NGO to which you wish to donate and the type – one-time or recurring. Enter the amount and select your preferred method of payment.

Petzzco, an aggregator, conducts preliminary background checks of all the onboarded Service Providers. Petzzco will not be responsible for any consequences.

Yes, be rest assured. Your data is safe with us.

Yes, it does. All you have to do is go to “Second Chance” under services and look for your furry friend!

No. We strongly encourage you to adopt rather than buy a pet.

All you have to do is create a profile for your pet and match her/ him with the other pet profiles who are open to dating. Remember to enable pet dating.

Pet dating is free of charge to use on the app.

You can view all your pet’s past and upcoming appointments under the “Calendar” tab on the Home Page.

  • Get help and support from other pet parents.
  • Learn from others and share your own experiences.
  • Connect with other pet parents who share your interests.
  • Build relationships with other pet parents in your community.
  • Find resources and information about pet care, training, and nutrition.
  • You may drop a mail to support@petzzco.com and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

  • Pet documents can be uploaded on the app. You may refer to them as and when needed without the hassle of carrying physical documents every time you see a vet.

  • Yes, you may create multiple pet profiles on the app.

  • Yes. You can easily join any of the community of your liking on the app by sending an invitation.

  • You can easily join any of the community of your liking on the app by sending an invitation. You may also create a new community on the app.

  • Drop a mail to us at support@petzzco.com and we will call you back within 24 hours.

  • Yes, it’s 10% off on grooming services if you book via the Petzzco App.