Petzzco: Offering Pet Parents a One-stop Solution for all Pet Care Necessities

The Indian pet care market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 19 percent by 2025, according to a Bonafide Research analysis. The expansion is being driven by the exponential increase in pet ownership, which has also given rise to a new generation of Indian entrepreneurs who have launched several marketplaces, as well as their own lines of pet care products under private labels. Despite the growth in this industry, businesses continue to face numerous challenges brought on by India’s fast-expanding pet care market and Petzzco strives to address these challenges by attempting to develop the best solutions possible.

Petzzco, established in 2021, seeks to improve the quality of pet care, covering aspects from Nativity to Fatality. “Petzzco’s mission is to bring the pet community together and help them connect. To make a Pet-Parent’s life peaceful and secure, we have developed a Pet Platform with advice from some of the industries titans. Every now and then, your furry friend needs a little tender love and care.

We at Petzzco have the finest grooming service providers on board for you to choose from”, speaks Preetam Kalaskar, Co-Founder & COO. Petzzco is a social media platform where pet owners can connect, meet up, create communities, and exchange crucial information on the
personalities diets, and other characteristics of their pets. This is the best way to learn more about pets because these specific insights aren’t accessible via social media or online searches.

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