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There is a quote from Frank Tyger, “Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.” The quote proves to us why typically expertise and experience are needed in caretaking and grooming. Grooming a dog requires a lot of attention and time. To locate fewer loose hairs on your carpet at home, it is preferable to regularly groom your pet. With the advent of mobile apps it has become easier to find the best pet grooming near me or your preferred location. The new Petzzco app is a thriving pet community app that has the best expert groomers listed on it. But before that let’s look at the reasons for the requirement for professional grooming of our beloved pet in this blog.

The Reasons For The Need for Skilled Groomers From A Pet Service Company

Let’s see the reasons to reach pet groomers:

  • They do a quick hands-on check on your pet
  • They give your pet a relaxed, hustle-free bath.
  • Professional tools and equipment are used.
  • Aggressive and young pets can be handled by them as their experts.

A Quick hands-on check

In the Pet Service company, salon associates quickly check the pet’s skin, teeth, ears, and nails to address the pet’s individual needs. A professional dog pet grooming session in a pet service company normally includes brushing, bathing, drying, and trimming or clipping the dog’s hair with clean, sterile tools. 

Before bathing the dog, groomers remove mats by brushing or combing the dog. They examine the dog’s ears for infections while cleaning them. The dog is trimmed, or shaved after the coat has dried as per the need of the pet lover in a pet service company.

The majority of dogs get their eyes, ear tips, and foot bottoms trimmed by groomers in a pet service company. Since lengthy nails might become painful, they trim the dog’s claws to a comfortable length. Additionally, groomers can use toothpaste designed for dogs to brush your dog’s teeth. The groomers listed on the Petzcco app are fully trained to handle such examinations without discomforting your furbaby.  

A Relaxed Bath

Bath time becomes soothing with the Pet Service Company relaxing bath system. Your pet will first be washed by your salon professional using the shampoo and conditioner that you chose at check-in. Our entire line of shampoos and conditioners is balanced in pH specifically for pets and offers gentle washing without irritating your pet’s skin.

Professional tools and types of equipment

Properly sterilized tools and non-toxic materials for grooming are used in Pet Service Companies, which is another reason for preferring professional groomers. Pets are priorly looked for any sign of allergies or infection on the skin and accordingly, the procedures are followed.  A superb grooming experience for your pet is provided by trained professionals and equipment.  

As Pet Service Company uses suitable tools as per requirement, pets are left free of dead hairs and smelly mouths. Ears are cleaned safely and with the correct equipment. Many pet service companies’ groomers are also skilled in their keen attention to specification and understanding of the particular breed standards needed to cut for breed shows. Different brushes are needed for various coats, and pet service companies have them. With the Petzzco App your pets can enjoy such gentle and relaxing baths with just few clicks.

Skilled in handling pet’s behavior

Dogs that are old, frightened, or aggressive when being groomed need to be handled softly and with assurance, and some may require a muzzle throughout the grooming process, which a pet service company’s groomer can provide. Senior citizens and others with physical disabilities can use professional grooming shops for their pets.

The least appealing jobs that come with dog ownership are cleaning anal glands, bathing a mud dog, as well as getting rid of fleas and ticks. A skilled groomer in a pet service company is capable of handling these required but unpleasant chores. Every groomer on the Petzcco app you can book expert groomers who are trained to handle pets with care and love.

Are your employees familiar with the breed of my pet?

Each certified Pet Service Company graduate undergoes training, which includes hands-on training with a wide range of breeds. Our stylists learn about the requirements and grooming for various breeds during their training. (Stylists who have received training from sources other than our Grooming Academy are subject to a careful assessment of their technical abilities to make sure they are fully compliant with Pet Service Company grooming standards.) All of the groomers on Petzzco App are fully qualified and equipped to give your pet the finest possible care while accommodating your unique preferences.

Why should I groom my pet often?

The amount of time your dog spends outside becomes dirty, the breed, the kind and length of its coat, and the environment all affect how often you should groom your dog. A short puppy cut can mean that a repeat visit is not necessary for several months. It additionally depends on how much you feel comfortable performing minor touch-ups and grooming at home. Petzcco App take care of cleaning issue for you making it the best pets App for all pet owners.

How long should I wait in the salon?

One should start handling and brushing your dog gently and gradually whether it is a young puppy or a dog that has never had their hair cut professionally. You should also touch their feet and nails and give them goodies. Whether your dog has to have their coat clipped, you may even try using an electric toothbrush to brush its coat. Your dog can bond while grooming, which will ultimately make the experience more enjoyable. Thus, time to groome relies on what needs your pet has.


Asking several questions before scheduling a visit to a professional groomer is a smart idea. You should inquire about the groomer’s expertise and training, pet first aid certification, time constraints, costs, recommended supplies, and whether or not your dog will need to be caged and for how long. When you go, make sure to express your wishes or worries concisely. A fantastic place to get guidance on your dog’s particular grooming requirements is from its breeder.

At Petzzco we offer the best of pet grooming services near me. We are available on a mobile app – Petzzco and we provide mobile grooming at home services so that your beloved pet can be groomed without you steering the heavy traffic. 

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