The Ultimate Guide to Behavioural Training Tutorials and How They Can Help with Personal Growth

The Ultimate Guide to Behavioural Training Tutorials and How They Can Help with Personal Growth

What is Behavioural Training And How Does it Work?

The world becomes safer for your pets with behavioral training. Behavioral training enables your dog to respond to a situation, with or without your presence. Moreover, your furry buddy will learn to react in a particular manner without using any verbal commands. This training can be used to change the existing bad behavior of your pets, called behavior modification training.


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Behavior training involves using rewards or punishments and positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desirable behavior and discourage undesirable ones. This training is handy for teaching basic obedience commands, resolving behavioral issues, and helping pets adjust to new environments or situations.

Let’s see how it can benefit your pets!


The Benefits of Online Behavioural Training Tutorials

As a pet owner taking the call on behavioral training can be confusing. However, these professionals are trained and certified in managing and modifying problematic pet behavior. For instance, dog behaviorists are professionally trained and certified for training dog behavior.  


Nowadays, these experts offer online tutorials for pets’ personal growth. The owners must go through diligently, complete these courses and even take an exam if necessary.

Here are some perks of online behavioral tutorials:

  • You don’t have to book recurring tutorial sessions with the trainer and be present physically.  You can attend it from anywhere while traveling or during vacations.
  • You get access to the entire stack of training videos that can be rewatched countless times to learn a process better.  
  • Pet lovers can access an elite group of trainers worldwide with diverse knowledge.
  • You are exposed to a thriving community of pet lovers with online behavioral training. You can share your tutorial journey and cultivate relationships with other pet parents.
  • Distraction remains at bay in an online tutoring session. The surrounding conditions are more in your control than in an offline setup.
  • Most of the offline sessions are focused on puppies instead of adults. However, online training sessions are inclusive of adult dog training.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try a Behavioural Training Tutorial

The top reasons why pet parents should try a behavior training tutorial are mentioned below:

What are the Different Types of Online Tutorials for Personal Growth?

Different types of personal growth tutorials are available based on behavior development. Different dog behaviorists use varying training methods to achieve the same results. You should know basic general training methods primely used in common self-help guide tutorials.

The most popular types of online tutorials categorized by general training method are highlighted here:

  • Classical Conditioned Training– The most popular behavior training method, unknowingly practiced by numerous dog owners. When a dog is exposed to a specific condition, a particular behavior is internalized. Pavlov’s dog theory experiment can best explain this. A bell rang near the dog every time before providing meat. Practically there was no connection between the bell and meat distribution. But the dog started salivating every time the bell was rung.


  • Positive Reinforcement Training– Ideal method for behavior modification. This technique involves rewarding the pet whenever they display a desired behavior. A common example can be when your puppy sits at a distance quietly while you work on the laptop or not entering the kitchen when you are cooking. Once you notice the expected behavior, you must reward your pet for sustaining it.


  • Clicker Training– This is similar to positive reinforcement with a small twist. Here,  the trainer will use a small device that generates a distinct clicking sound. Through operant conditioning, the clicker’s sound acts as a positive reinforcement or reward for desired behavior. You can find various online personal growth tutorials for this method.

How to Choose the Right Online Tutorial for Your Needs?

  • Research well: Before picking a tutorial, research well and ensure it’s for your pet’s breed, check the tutor’s credibility, skim through the outline to know the course details and the type of online content. If it’s a live session or workshop, make sure you have the time for it.  


  • Know your specific needs: Find a tutorial addressing the specific and unique pet needs. Whether it’s for your disobedient dog, biting pal or highly energetic chasing butterfly kind of buddy. Knowing your unique needs could help you pick an online tutorial smoothly.


  • Check the Reviews: Always check the reviews or talk to someone who took the same course to know its effectiveness.


  • Cost: Dont forget to check the cost to ensure whether it falls under your budget or if the tutorial is worth the price.

Pawdown Note

Before jumping into a behavior change tutorial, smartly evaluate whether your furry friend needs a behavioral change. Changing your pooch’s behavior will involve a load of effort from both ends and a ton of time. But there will also be circumstances when going for an online behavior tutorial will be the ideal choice for your pet’s personal growth. Join the community of pet lovers who are just as unique as you at Petzzco. From pet grooming to vet care, we have everything you need.

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